State v. Blake

With the decision in Blake, we are working with the county Office of Public Defense to ensure that there is a process that will ensure that all persons unconstitutionally convicted of PCS get their conviction vacated.

While we are currently attending to those persons with pending cases or are under sentence, our attention will turn to those persons in the community whose records need clearing. We hope to develop a procedure and plans for those cases soon. For now, if you know that you have an unconstitutional PCS conviction that you would like to vacate on your own, here are some documents that may assist you in the process.

Additionally, Civil Survival, a non-profit organization working with persons upon re-entry, has filed a class-action suit against the State, King Co., and Snohomish Co., is seeking to recoupment of Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) paid on PCS cases. The Criminal Division of the Prosecutor’s Office is not intending to address this issue at this time, so motions seeking recoupment of LFOs or modification/suspension of LFO obligations need to be separated from motions pertaining to criminal convictions impacted by Blake. Please contact Civil Survival if you have questions on how to file for LFO recoupment.

Snohomish County Public Defender