Please note these are basic resources, nothing on this page or site is legal advice. If you have questions contact your attorney.

How do I get a public defender?

If you are charged with a crime out of the Superior or District Court of Snohomish County, or out of the City of Mukilteo, you need to contact the Office of Public Defense at 425-388-3500 to be screened for an appointment of an attorney. The screening process is conducted over the phone.

Screening Hours:
8:30 am – 11:45 am and 1:00 pm to 3:45 pm
Monday - Friday (Closed Holidays)
If you are charged with a crime out of the City of Snohomish, the City of Edmonds, or Tulalip Tribal Court, you will need to appear at your arraignment to be screened for the services of a public defender.

How do I find my attorney?

If you know your attorney's name check out the Defenders page section for their contact information. Otherwise please call our main office reception at 425-339-6300 for more help.

Do I have a warrant?

If you think you missed court and now have a warrant please call the main office 425-339-6300 for more assistance.

Is my loved one in Jail?

If you think you think your loved one has been arrested and is in Snohomish County please check this site, for Snohomish County, Marysville Municipal and Lynnwood Municipal Jails.

Check this site, for King County

Check this site, for Pierce County

Check this site, for Skagit County

Check this site, for the Department of Corrections

I can't post Bail

If you think you think you or your love one needs help posting bail Northwest Bail Fund may be able to help.

When is my Court date?

If your case is in a Snohomish County District Court, you can also check the Snohomish County District Court calendar for your hearing date and time.

If your case is in Superior Court (felony charges and juvenile) you can check here to find out when your next court date is.
If you still don't remember or can't find your court date, call our main office number for more assistance.

First Appeareance

What is a first appearance?

Your first appearance on a criminal matter is called an arraignment. At that time, you will be advised of your rights and will be asked to enter a plea.

If you enter a plea of not guilty, the matter will be set for additional court appearances, bail may also be set at this time.

If you enter a plea of guilty, you may be sentenced at that time or the judge may elect to continue the sentencing to a later date. If you have any additional questions, please contact your attorney at 425-339-6300 .

Do I need to bring anything to court?

Touch base with your attorney to see if you need to bring anything with you. 425-339-6300 .

Can I appear in court via Zoom

That depends on your case, and the particular hearing you are appearing for. It is best touch base with your attorney 425-339-6300 to get this answer.

How can I appear in court via Zoom

That depends on the court you want to appear in front of.

For Snohomish County Superior Court
 Calendar  Link  Meeting ID  Password
Criminal Hearings & Arraignments
 Meeting Link  939 8029 8667 595047
 Extended Motions  & Omnibus
 Meeting Link  996 4146 5489 459926
 Warrant Authorization  Meeting Link  961 6423 4898 507877
For District Court see below

Cascade Division 

Judge Rancourt - Dept. 1 

Meeting ID 975 7981 9335 Click here to join 

Commissioner Leo - Dept. 2 

Meeting ID 981 5633 4644 Click here to join 

Everett Division

Judge Howard - Dept. 3B 

Meeting ID 924 0984 1663 Click here to join 

Judge Bui - Dept. 3A 

Meeting ID 918 4179 1703 Click here to join

Evergreen Division

Judge Clough - Dept. 1 

Meeting ID 967 1723 6737 Click here to join

Judge Lyon - Dept. 2 

Meeting ID 915 4287 4155 Click here to join

South Division 

Judge Fraser - Dept. 1 

Meeting ID 973 4959 9795 Click here to join 

Judge Goodwin - Dept. 3 

Meeting ID 955 0651 4877 Click here to join 

Judge Fair - Dept. 4 

Meeting ID 937 1632 9872 Click here to join 

If you have any questions contact your attorney.