Congratulations on 20 years of Service

She’s never one to seek the spotlight, but we couldn’t let Rachelle Francis’s 20th anniversary pass unacknowledged.  Since 2001, Rachelle has held many roles at SCPDA, from her earliest days in Evergreen District Court through felonies to her current expertise in ITA. 

In two decades of zealous and committed advocacy, she has established herself as someone respected by all – from colleagues to judges to opposing counsel to jail and hospital staff, and most importantly, her clients.  She is known throughout our community for her integrity, her calm demeanor in trial, and her amazing ability to secure positive outcomes for her clients even when the cards seem stacked against them.  That success is due in no small part to her seemingly limitless supply of compassion and her profound ability to truly put her clients first – to recognize the truism of fate, and that so many of our clients are in difficult situations that they cannot control, and deserve her kindness, and respect, not judgment.

In the words of Commissioner Waggoner, “Kind. The first word that comes to mind is kind – kind to her clients, kind to their families, kind to opposing counsel and the court.”

More recently, Rachelle has stepped into the Unit Lead position. She is a great leader, teacher, and advocate.

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary and thank you Rachelle!

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