About Us

Respect and Compassion

Fullfilling the mission of zealous advocacy for all.

The Snohomish County Public Defender Association ( SCPDA) is a private, non-profit law office, incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington. SCPDA provides defense services to persons facing a loss of liberty under criminal and civil laws. These services include:

  • Adults and juveniles charged with felonies and misdemeanors
  • Adults facing civil commitment pursuant to RCW 71.05 and RCW 71.09
  • Adults appealing misdemeanor convictions to Superior Court
  • Adults and juveniles facing incarceration in contempt proceedings

Our Funding

SCPDA is primarily funded from indigent defense contracts with Snohomish County, Skagit County, Tulalip Tribal Court, other counties and municipalities and the State of Washington. The goal of the Association is to provide the highest quality of legal representation to its clients.

Snohomish County Public Defender